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Welcome to the Keto Unmasked Website. Here you will find informative articles about the low carb diet, delicious keto friendly recipes and links to replace the sugary items in your pantry with low carb alternatives.

You can also connect with other people that are trying the low carb diet and share your experiences and recipes! We welcome your comments and suggestions.


July 2018 is when I (Jen) started dabbling in the keto diet. I say dabbling because I had no idea what keto was, but I was seeing it everywhere!

Keto recipes were all over Pinterest! People on Facebook were talking about low carb foods and sugar detox!

So, I started researching and what I found changed my life. The more I read about keto, the more I changed my diet.

I started replacing items in my fridge and pantry with keto friendly stuff, trying keto recipes and buying sugar free when possible.

By September, I was seriously into keto. The results were all too real! My husband was fascinated at the rate I was dropping weight, so he joined me in my journey with keto!

Keto is not a diet. It is a life change. Keto is a mindset to eat better and take better care of yourself!

Coming Soon!  We will be sharing our Journey with you.  This will be an article covering how we started keto, mistakes we have made and tips we would love to share with you.


If not followed correctly, keto can be dangerous to some and simply unhealthy to others. Beware of misinformation on keto. Do you due diligence before you start your journey.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing on keto. I read a few blogs found during a google search and hit the ground running! All I knew was NO CARBS, HIGH FAT, NO SUGAR!

Your body needs carbs every day to be healthy and strong. Your body breaks down all carbs into sugar and produces glucose. This is what gives your body energy.

Going days without enough carbs to sustain your body will make you sick! Trust me, I’ve done it! They call it keto flu or carb flu. It is not fun!

There is more that one right way to do keto. The rules of low carb eating are based upon your individual health situation.


One thing I have noticed on my keto journey is some recipes people are passing around in cyber-land are terrible! I know they didn’t try it themselves before they shared or they wouldn’t have…LOL!

I wanted to create a space for Low Carbers to come together and share good….no…EXTRODINARY recipes and ENCOURAGING keto stories to provide some inspiration to those that need it!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

All the best,

Ron and Jen Smallwood

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